Why Cyclical: Brian Terrada

Brian Terada is the founder and director of Be Free, an LA community that “believes in sharing and listening to one another's stories because it is the only way we can use our differences to unite rather than divide. We believe that love begets freedom, and everyone should be free.“ Last year, Brian was a part of the Cyclical LA and 1001 NWC summer cohort. We’ve been privileged to see Brian grow into his role as a leader and community-shaper. Keep reading to hear more of his story!


Ever since I joined Cyclical LA a year and a half ago,

I have been constantly surrounded by terrific influences that spur me on toward love and good deeds. As Be Free has grown, largely in part due to the support of Cyclical LA, I have had consistent meetings with mentors who hold me accountable to taking care of myself, loving myself, and doing my work from a place of humility and excellence. I've received monthly coaching sessions from Cory Marquez, in which I receive care and direction for myself personally, and for the work that I get to do. I've received bi-weekly coaching sessions with Whitney Warnes during my apprenticeship, in which I was consistently challenged to make personal and professional goals to meet. My mentorship meetings with Beau Wammack, pastor of NVC, every other month for the last eight months have been formative in my health and maturity, especially as a Christian leader in my community. My spiritual direction meetings with Bethany Mckinney Fox have also been formative in developing my personal relationship with God and how that effects the work that I do. I always know that Nick Warnes will make time for me, so I've been able to meet and consult with him many times, from which I always receive encouragement and inspiration on how Be Free can move forward on its own, and with Cyclical LA's support. 

I am building a community that means the world to me,

and with that comes a lot of responsibility that I am still learning to handle. However, through the multi-tiered cyclical system that Cyclical LA provides me, I am able to receive spiritual direction, organizational direction, divine affirmation, and connection to a network of people who are in the same boat as me—making me feel less alone in my endeavors. Without Cyclical LA, I don’t know where I would be or if my organization would even still exist. Because of all the positive influences that Cyclical LA has given me, I feel confident, supported, and loved as I continue to strive to bring about more love and freedom through the work of Be Free.