“If we are called to love God and our neighbors as ourselves, then caring for ourselves and our teams is a part of loving and caring for the church.”

-Jude Tiersma-Watson

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Some Discerners and Starters in our community find that they need to address deeper personal topics in a safe and supporting environment in order to move toward greater health and thriving in their ministry. We can connect you with our network of therapists and provide compensation for regular meetings.

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A coach's primary commitment is helping the project achieve goals agreed upon by the coachee and his or her leadership. A coach can help clarify these goals, reach agreements, and focus the leader’s work towards reaching the goals. Cyclical LA provides monthly coaching for all of our participants. 


If you are a Discerner, Starter, or participant in the Cyclical network and would like to get in touch with a therapist, coach, or spiritual director, send a message our way!