CLA Churches: Lightshine

Rob Douglas, Pastor of Lightshine

My name is Robert Douglas. I am married to my wife Katie (22 years). We have twin daughters named Corryn and Madison plus one Boxer named Winston and two cats named Sox and Shadow. I love outdoor activities, reading, good coffee, Mexican food and the Lakers!

I Pastor a new church that has just completed its fourth year in the Thousand Oaks area called Lightshine. Our context is middle to upper middle class suburban. We are a small, missional church with a huge heart. We are very active in our community, partnering with many great organizations that serve the underserved populations in our area and around the world. We also partner with a public school, Walnut Elementary in Newbury Park where we support teachers, beautify the campus, and tutor students in need. We also have some great community groups like our monthly Hiking Group and our weekly Holy Yoga class.  

There are many good stories but I have been inspired by Debbie Jew. Debbie is battling Parkinson’s Disease, but that doesn’t stop her from tutoring kids every Tuesday at our partner school. I know it’s a struggle for her, but Debbie bakes homemade cookies for these kids each week and is the star of the show! Her love for these kids and education is unmatched. She lights up when talking about them and her enthusiasm is contagious. I have seen tremendous change in her because of her work with these students. There is no doubt that her work is also having a transformative effect on these wonderful children as well. Maybe one of these kids ends up getting through school who wouldn’t have. Who knows? But one thing is for sure. Debbie makes sure that all these children know that they are loved.

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