Cyclical LA Launches


Cyclical:LA has officially launched! Over the past five months we have worked through beta testing to unfold a process by which we might thoughtfully start innumerable new churches in Los Angeles and we marked our official beginning last Thursday with a party!

Our mission is to further the ongoing lifecycle of starting new churches. We are providing training, coaching and resources for all three stages of the lifecycle of new churches. For discerning church starters, for church starters, and for churches. We have noticed that discerning church starters often become church starters and that church starters quickly shape into entire churches. Unfortunately, the cycle often stops there. We believe that the cycle shouldn't stop there and that all churches ought to prioritize inviting new people into the process of discerning the start of a new church, this continuing the cycle. Cyclical:LA joins people and churches in all stages of this cycle.

The question is, who would you like to invite into the discernment process of starting a new church?

Please contact Nick Warnes at with any questions or interest.

Below is the overarching flow chart that explains our process and picture from our launch party.